Your Social Media Strategy is a Waste if You Don’t Analyze It.

Every day more and more consumers and brands are using social networks. Social media networks have experienced tremendous growth due to the changes in technology. Smartphones allow easy access to the networks and brands are learning that is where they need to be in order to continue to grow. But being on these networks means nothing if brands do not analyze their efforts.

Let’s start with the basics. Any company or brand that wants to start a social media strategy must first research which networks their ideal customers are using. You might not want to target 55+ on Snapchat. (You can but it’s a wasted resource when 55+ spend more time on Facebook. This infographic from Search Engine Journal has an amazing breakdown of today’s social networks.


After learning where the ideal customer is, this information can also help determine what types of posts (i.e: words, video, photos, etc) work best, along with knowing what keywords, phrases and hashtags yield the best results. By knowing the ideal customer and which networks are best to use, knowing when to post will also become easier. This exert of an infographic by SocialTimes breaks down each network.  To view the entire graph click here.


It is a lot of information to gather, but it helps. So what’s next. Now that the ideal customer and social networks are identified, create! Go for it. The best part of social media is that it is trial and error. There is no perfect formula. However, anyone using social media as a marketing strategy should analyze the results. There are tons of software programs that will analyze every form of a social media campaign. It is important to analyze, although there is trial and error, in order to which trials worked! Analytics will determine which posts are reposted (retweeted, shared) and liked. This is also the best way to learn which days and times are seeing the most activity, as well as if one social network is proving more effective than another.

Don’t know which tool to use, click this link to Keyhole that explains over 20 different analytical tools.

There are a thousand more reasons why analyzing social media is important, but I will end with this one. Social media analytics will save a company and brand time and resources. Consumers are seeking constant engagement, especially on social networks. By knowing which networks are doing the best, companies can allot the resources to fill those demands while still meeting the goals of the marketing strategy.

 Have you had any success with one particular analytical tool, please share so that others can try. Peer-reviews are important reviews.

Until the next time, let’s continue to emerge together!


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